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Interested in a Career in Real Estate? Take a look at what ERA Cape Real Estate can do for you!


Interested in a Career in Real Estate? 

You have two concerns - One is that once you get a license you need to know how to use it! The second concern is once you know how to use your license, how to you begin and grow a book of business?

ERA Cape Real Estate has you covered.  First we TRAIN you. Our traning is free - we invest in you - you do not have
to invest in us. We have developed a program that brings you through marketing, listings, selling, agency, contracts, etc. with our professional standards coordinator, our licensed Mass educator, our professional marketing dept. and our licensed administrators.

Then, you need to use those skills and make money!  
So, we help you build a book of business. Buyers and sellers that will produce sales and income for you! How? We give you open houses to do- you get all leads from that open house. We have available "up time" where you get phone calls and walk -ins that come into the office. We hand out dozens of e-leads a day - you get them FREE. We do not charge a referral fee.


Are you already working in Real Estate?

Are you currently working as an agent and you know there is a more rewarding and supportive alternative company out there?

We know what you need!  You need marketing, you need business cards, signs, farming cards, classes, support and back up! We offer all that and more.  Your business grows at ERA Cape Real Estate -  we take the weight of running an independent contractors' business off your shoulders. We give you the tools and staff needed to brand and grow. We know you need to be out on the road, not sitting in an office. We give you a customized agent platform that allows you to work virtually - online listing files, online under agreement files, company calendar, all your forms, digital signatures, online databases, etc.

Most importantly you get our 45 years of experience and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. You get the grandchildren of our original customers who come in the door, or call on the phone, or they put in an inquiry through our E-Lead program!! That's right, you get all that and more! 

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